Farm & Ranch Promotion Writing

Farm & Ranch Promotion

We get farms. With a lifetime of experience in the agriculture world, we still don't know everything but we know how to build bridges.

Jan Hoadley grew up on a family farm with purebred and registered Charolais cattle, a few hogs, hay, corn and recreational horses. She since has raised a wide variety of livestock and currently operates SlowMoneyFarm, raising poultry, rabbits, herbs and raised beds in northwest Alabama, while striving to make a living and expand without bank financing. We all know what land prices are!

We're active in the AgChat Foundation and have attended both AgChat Foundation 2.0 Conferences, the first in Chicago and in 2011 in Nashville. With 30 years experience writing articles both print and online, we bring experience to your projects.

We can offer blogs, writing, article marketing, social media presence and more. Many farms would like to offer some products direct to the customer but simply don't have time doing what they're doing to add an hour a day or more to the work load. At the same time most professional companies are expensive and out of reach of the financial realities of the farm and ranch business world. What to do?

Contact us! We'll work with you to find reasonable rates and even barter! Promotion includes online listings.